OtterWildlife Watch Group

Steering Group: Pam Fisher, David Wood, Ed & Kate Knight, Amanda Perry-Robinson, Laura Downer.

The Teffont Wildlife Watch Group was set up in January 2011 to promote an appreciation of nature and the great outdoors, and to provide opportunities for Teffont’s families and children to get together and have fun. We aim to hold between 4-6 events each year. The Group is aimed principally at Teffont children between 5-16 and visiting friends and relatives. Occasionally, events are open to adults and younger children as well.

The Group is run by Teffont volunteers and falls under the umbrella of Wiltshire Wildlife Trust who provide support and equipment for some of the events.

Volunteers to join our steering group and donations to support our activities are welcome. For further information, please contact the Steering Group through this website.





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