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In 2007 a major fundraising appeal was carried out in the village and over half the households in the village signed up to an annual standing order. The objective was to put the capital cost (not the day to day running costs) of the repair and maintenance of our historic community buildings onto a firm financial footing for the foreseeable future.

The buildings in question are the Village Hall, our two 13th century churches and the Reading Room.

The trustees of the new charity (No 1118718) are representatives of the Parish Council and of the three charities which are responsible for the four buildings. They decide once a year how much will be allocated to any of the three charities.

The grants, aggregating £37,000, which have been made and approved by the Trust since it was established are as follows (as at March 2013):

2009 £12,000 to the Village Hall Committee

Refurbishing the kitchen, replacing one of the two gothic windows, raising the ceiling in the main hall and installing new central heating. All of this work was long overdue.

2010 £7,000 to the Village Hall Committee

Replacing the second gothic window.

2011 £4,500 to the Parochial Church Council

Towards the cost of the masonary repairs to the church by "aerial conservators" at Evias church. This was some of the work considered essential as a consequence of the five yearly survey of the church.

2012 £8,000 to the Village Hall Committee

Providing matching funding for a grant from the Area Board of Wiltshire Council to provide a new hearing and sound system in the hall. The money from the TT was used for replacing the original front door, replacing the small windows and a flat roof and work on the external paving.

£5,500 to the Parochial Church Council

Towards the cost of further masonry repairs to the walls and tower at Evias and removing the front step to improve wheelchair access.

2014 £5,638 (not yet fully drawn) to cover 50% of the estimated costs of works to repair and improve the structure of the Village Hall, the balance being covered by a grant from Wiltshire Council. The works included: eliminating leaks through the roof, removing the chimney (which was unsafe), damp proofing the lobby (rising damp and porous walls), re-orientating the lobby to improve weather resistance and storage, and improving insulation and flooring (including sanding the floor).

A copy of the leaflet which we have prepared, and of a Gift Aid and standing order form, can be obtained from the Treasurer at The Malthouse, Teffont SP3 5QY (01722 716566).

A copy of the 2015 Teffont Trust Accounts for the Annual Parish Meeting on 11th May 2015 is attached - 2015 Teffont Trust Accounts

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