Teffont Village Show 2018 

Dear Residents and Friends of Teffont,

As you will know the annual Village Show was held on August 25th this year and once again the weather was kind and we had a marvellous turn-out.

So, thank you to all those who were able to enter the competitions and/or attend on the day – certainly it looked as if a good time was had by all!

In the evening 120 lucky ticket holders enjoyed supper courtesy of Howard’s House and great music and dancing courtesy of the Usual Suspects, Teffont’s very own band. 

If I may, a quick word of thanks to the Show’s organising team who do so much before and during the Show to make it happen: 

  • Don for doing all the admin and paperwork behind the scenes throughout the year
  • Dave, Andrew and the unsung heroes of the “labour gang” who create and dismantle the showground (often in the rain!) 
  • Fi and Cherida who organise all the flower/produce and art competitions 
  • Catherine and her helpers who make and serve all the delicious teas and cakes 
  • Kathie for organising the stalls and attractions
  • George and Libby for enthusing the younger generation and for providing so much support
  • Georgie for her work online and offline promoting the Show to everybody in the Nadder Valley and beyond!
  • Andrew, Cherida and Georgie for making the arena events such fun and so entertaining
  • Andrew, Rose, Michael and all the band for making the evening such a special event!

Of course there are many more of you who give up so much of your time to help on the day – without naming each of you, all I can say is that the Show would not happen without you…

This year we were supporting both the Wiltshire Air Ambulance and the Salisbury Hospice, both being wonderful, local causes.

We have not yet quite completed doing all our sums but thanks to your generosity we hope to be sending substantial cheques to both charities in the coming weeks - we will confirm the details shortly.

So, until next year (Saturday August 24th 2019) many thanks again to everybody for your help and support.

Best regards


PS Comments, suggestions and ideas for 2019 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , please!

The Cup winners for 2018 are:

Skipper Cup: Arthur Webb

Little Cup for Endeavour: Lucy Cordle

Burrell Cup: Michael Lockwood

Keatinge Cup: Jacqueline Vesey

Bill Crouch Cup: Julia Edwards 

Willan Cup: David Coward




Some snaps taken from previous Show's for your viewing:


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