Teffont Village Show 2016 

Flyer2016 Teffont Village Show Round Up!

What a show 2016 proved to be!

The weather, with blue skies and bright sunshine drew those from the village and beyond to the idyllic grounds of Teffont Manor where the Royal British Legion Brass Band played upbeat tunes and the smell of hot dogs and Pimms attracted many hungry and thirsty visitors. 

The Classes were well supported with stiff competition ranging from lego models, homegrown gooseberries to fabulous cake creations in the Great Teffont Bake Off.

Mary Berry would have been utterly astounded by the standard!


The Young Engineering Project saw a Trojan horse looking a little like a zebra being dragged through the luscious grass, the tug of war was as competitive as ever with the East and West almost coming to blows and the children winning over all.

How do they manage to win every year? It must be the Teffont spring water! 

The wheelbarrow races, sack races and egg and spoon races caused uproar and much amusement and the paper aeroplanes saw the entrants attempt to put the hard graft in school years to the test in a bid to win the furthest straightest flight. 

The dog classes saw Teffont's most trained dogs veer off their strict regime when put to the test of catch the rat, heel no longer an obeyed command and the collie vs  labrador show-down.

The raffle prizes must surely get much recognition and be bragged about far and wide. Who wouldn’t want to win a flight in a Tiger Moth aeroplane or a three course meal at Howard’s House? 

And of course, we must applaud all entries into the Classes that make the village show.


The 2016 results were as follows: 


Skipper Cup  
Winner Felicity Perry Robinson
2nd  Cecily Perry Robinson
3rd = Arthur Webb and Agnes Perry Robinson
Bill Crouch Cup  
Winner Richard Long-Fox
2nd Colin Fox
3rd Cherida Daniel
Keatinge Cup  
Winner Rachel Scott
2nd Rose Chapman
3rd Annabel Webb
Burrell Cup  
Winner Rose Chapman
2nd Felicity Perry Robinson
3rd David Scott
Willan Cup  
Winner David Coward
2nd Colin Fox
3rd= Tim Pegrum and Jenny Nicholson
Little Cup for Endeavour Cecily Perry Robinson
2016 Great Teffont Bake Off  
Overall Winner Lucy Downer
Children's Class  
Winner Lucy Downer
2nd Natalya Daniel
3rd Sam Scott
Adult Class  
Winner Rachel Scott
2nd Perry Robinson family 
3rd David Scott








Without the entries and support of the villagers Teffont would not have the community it does. We should be proud of our village, thankful to the people who put so much time and effort into organising not only the show but also the cafe and film nights, gardening club and church services. 

Finally a big thank you to all who supported the show.


Until next year….


Some snaps taken from previous Show's for your viewing:

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