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Vacancies on Teffont Parish Council

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Mobile Library Service – Teffont

South MobileThe (South Wilts) Mobile Library visits Teffont in the bus stop lay-by opposite Frith's Barn every four weeks on a Tuesday between 2.20 – 2.40pm (Next visit Tues 26th February 2019)

Mobile timetables can be viewed online at Link to Mobile Library webpage

Membership to Wiltshire Libraries is free and the mobile stocks a range of novels and information books for adults and children including large print and audio books.

The mobile has full accessibility and is fitted with a customer lift.

For further information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 01225 713706

Teffont Trust

The Teffont Trust has now been reorganised, the main changes being as follows:

  • in order to simplify administration, the village’s John Lush Charity has been wound up and all its funds, amounting to £5,853.96, have been transferred to the TT
  • there are three new TT Trustees, Charlotte Aspden and Zillah Faulkner, who have both been nominated by the Parish Council, and Andrew Jones, who represents the Village Hall Management Committee
  • the bulk of the TT’s money has been set aside for the main object of the charity, which is “the restoration, repair, renewal, improvement and maintenance of the fabric of [the four community buildings in the village]” and
  • the balance of the TT’s funds, including the money recently transferred to it by the John Lush Charity, is available for the other object of the TT, which is “other charitable purposes beneficial to the community of Teffont.”

The Trustees of the TT would be most grateful for any suggestions from the village as how this surplus TT money (ie the amount in excess of the buildings fund) might be spent, being something which has a charitable purpose and is “beneficial to the community”.

Suggestions should be sent to me please, before the end of April, when the TT Trustees will be having their next meeting.

Hugh Homan

TT Secretary

01722 716566

Ladies Launch  Anyone wanting a local walk can come along on the first Thursday of every month. We meet at 9.30am outside the village hall for a local walk - usually no more than a couple of hours (tops!) and finishing up with a cup of coffee somewhere.

Nadder Valley Wine Circle New information placed on the page Read More....

Shoot Dates in Teffont  Teffont Estate and Ley Farm shoot dates are available to villagers via the Parish Clerk.

Village Design Statement (VDS) The VDS has been updated and can be seen on the Parish Council page read more

Bonfires and Machinery on Sundays

At the risk of sounding like a bit of a nag, I have been asked to remind parishioners that we have for some years asked villagers to refrain from using noisy garden machinery (such as strimmers, chainsaws, wood-chippers etc) and from lighting large bonfires on a Sunday. I do appreciate that for some their Sunday is one of the only opportunities they have for work in their gardens but for others it is a valued day of quiet. I would would therefore ask you to exercise as much consideration as possible for your neighbours. Thank you.

Reporting problems with Highways

A question often asked of the Parish Council is how and to whom to report highways issues such as blocked ditches and drains, pot-holes in the road, knocked-down or missing road signs etc. Well, the answer is that you can report them to the Parish Council if you wish, although it has no power to respond to such reports and will simply pass them on to Wiltshire Council. Wiltshire Council, however, has a portal called My Wiltshire which the public can use to directly report such matters. This reporting process is both quick and easy. Obviously Wiltshire Council prioritise their responses but they will respond. For example, on 12 November a report was made regarding a blocked drainage ditch by the road in Teffont Magna. On the 23rd a couple of men and a JCB turned up and cleared it. So, My Wiltshire works and villagers are encouraged to use it. 

Teffont Cafe

The very popular Teffont Cafe operates on each Saturday morning in the Village Hall. It is well attended and hugely valued by the community. The organisers are always looking for people prepared to give up three or four hours work once or twice a year to help run it on a rota. Go on, give Rosemary Pegrum a ring and offer your services! Tel: 01722 716967. You won't regret it. 


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