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Church Related Information

Teffont Parochial Church Council (PCC)


For those not involved, Church Finance can be something of a mystery. It is surprising how many people are unaware that each parish has to pay a substantial amount of money annually to the Diocese to meet the running costs of the Church. Like any business, salaries have to be paid to its employees, mainly the clergy. As employees, pension contributions have also to be met. In addition, accommodation with associated maintenance costs or living allowances are provided. As with any business there are a multitude of other expenses from local taxes to utilities; travel allowances to the cost of printing. This parish contribution is known as ‘the Share’ and is calculated each year on the average number of members attending church in each parish. Teffont’s share for 2012 is £14,740 up over £1,000 from 2011's £13,694.64.

As well as meeting the expenses of the wider church, each parish has to run its own business with all the associated running costs. Usually, the largest item for any parish is the maintenance of the church building and as often these buildings are very old, the costs involved can be substantial. In Teffont we have not one but two church buildings and but for the Teffont Trust, who undertake to assist with the maintenance, our parish would find it almost impossible to meet a major repair bill.

Our income comes from a variety of sources. Our core resource is a scheme of planned giving where church members commit by direct debit or standing order to pay a sum of money on a regular basis. For those who are UK tax payers, the parish is able to reclaim the tax on these contributions under the gift aid scheme. Bequests, donations, church collections and fund raising events like the annual Spring Fete bring in additional income. In recent years it has been difficult to balance our books but currently following greater financial support from the membership and concentration on fund raising events, Teffont, might just have turned the corner.

Many people in Teffont who are not churchgoers but recognise the value to the village of our churches and wish to see them maintained in good order make regular donations to the Teffont Trust. This organisation exists to maintain the four village buildings viz. both churches, the Village Hall and the Reading Room. The church is recognised as an important and integral part of village life by both those villagers of faith and no faith alike but together wish to see it continue as a thriving part of our community. Anyone wishing to make a donation of a secular nature for the maintenance of the church buildings please make your cheque payable to The Teffont Trust. If you would like to support the work of the church in Teffont, your cheque should be drawn in favour of the Teffont Parochial Church Council. In both cases please send your donations to the address below. Your support will be very much appreciated and valued.

For more information regarding donations, regular payments and the Gift Aid scheme please contact Don Ridley at 1 Hillside Cottages, Teffont Magna, Salisbury, SP3 5QR. Telephone: 01722 716548.

Bell Ringing

A small group of bell ringers chime the three bells at Evias for weddings and special events. If you would like to know more please call Sara Willan or Don and Anita Ridley