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Village Hall

Teffont Village HallThe Village Hall is located on the triangle of land between the B3089 where it bends to the West as the road climbs out of the village to Chilmark and the C277 which leads to the A303. It is owned by the Parochial Church Council and let on a twenty year lease to the Village Hall Committee. The Village Hall is a registered charity No 800083.

Teffont Village Hall (once the Village school the sound of children's voices are no longer to be heard from it, for it closed in 1936) provides a wonderful meeting place for the Village and its neighbours. The venue is comfortable (central heating) and convenient (a spacious and newly installed kitchen) providing a delightful setting for meetings and activities. A green area surrounds the Hall with a small section, fenced off, to provide a children's playground. The grass is surrounded by hedging and stone wall providing a charming place to set tables or a marquee – or just to play!

It is currently hired for :

  • committee meetings
  • music and history of art courses
  • pilates
  • table tennis
  • annual dinners
  • special occasions – weddings, banquets
  • children's parties
  • individual bookings
  • family gatherings
  • business presentations
  • entertainment – film and RAW events
  • club meetings














Hire costs are very reasonable and are inclusive of all the facilities in the Hall. If you would like to discuss the type of functions that Teffont Village Hall can accommodate, or make a booking, please contact:

Catherine Bernard
Telephone - 07769 215686
E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Alternatively, Andrew Jones may be able to assist with your enquiries:
Telephone 01722 716740 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Village Hall Plan


 The New Lease of the Village Hall

As stated in the Town Crier’s announcement, the arrangements for the new Lease of the Village Hall are complex.

For reasons of ecclesiastical law, although the Parochial Church Council (PCC) own the Hall, legal title is vested in the Salisbury Diocesan Board of Finance (SDBF). 

There have been long and detailed discussions, starting in 2016, between the PCC/SDBF (as owner), the VHC (as joint lessee), the Parish Council (as the other joint lessee)(PC), and The Teffont Trust (TT).

At one stage it was proposed that the Hall should be sold by the PCC to an appropriate Teffont village charity, but, because of valuation and funding difficulties, this idea was dropped in favour of a long, and renewable, lease.

The new Lease between the PCC/SDBF, the VHC and the PC provides as follows:

- an initial term of 50 years,

- the VHC and the PC are joint lessees, with the VHC having the primary obligation to pay the rent,

- the joint lessees have a right of renewal after the initial 50 years,

- there are full repairing obligations on the part of the joint lessees, as previously,

- the annual rent of £500 is index-linked, to be reviewed every five years,

- there is an initial premium of £5,000 payable to the PCC by the VHC, and

- a grant of £5,000 has been made by the TT to the VHC to enable it to pay the premium.

The professional fees of Woolley & Wallis (£780, including VAT) were paid by the PCC out of the premium money, as were the fees of Wilsons, solicitors (£1,320, including VAT).


In the discussions on the Lease, Hugh Homan represented the interests of the PCC, Jeremy Scrimshaw represented those of the VHC and James Aspden, in his personal capacity, those of the PC.